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Design Fabrik is a small agency of creatives with a mix of disciplines that includes Web Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, and Marketing.

We have more than 10+ years of experience and being a small agency permits us to work quickly and efficiently.

We are located in Sta Maria da Feira, Portugal.

  • Alexandre Freitas

    Web Designer & Photographer
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Latest Projects

Clinica médica São Sebastião

Clinica médico dentária São Sebastião em Sta Maria da Feira. Clinica com serviços dentários.

Agencia de modelos Impact Models

Impact Models Agency

Agencia de Modelos fotográficos Impact Models

hsm Serralharia Industrial e Civil

HSM Serralharia Industrial e Civil

Website institucional da HSM Serralharia Industrial e Civil.

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What we do

  • Web Services

    Web Design Services. From prototyping to working ideas, we make websites from Zero to Hero. Also, we can Redesign your existing website. Our solutions include the complete package: Domain registration, Web Hosting, Email services, and SEO optimization, only as part of a new Website. Check it out

  • Design

    We make your Brand identity, from the Logo to the Website and Social Networks. We make sure your online identity is consistent and cohesive.

  • Photography and Video

    We also make photography and photo/video editing as part of the package. We make institutional videos and also aerial photography and video with drones. Check it out

  • Copywriting

    What is copywriting?

    Copywriting is essentially moving words around to sell better (source)

    We just lay out every piece of text around so you don’t have to, in the end, you will change everything you don’t like.

Power your Brand

Your image is your Brand, be Future proof with our services
Your Website should turn visitors into customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Your image, assets, and branding should be consistent across devices and networks, such as your website and social media.


It should be easy to update, modify and manage over time. Don’t get stuck to an outdated technology that doesn’t serve you next year.


Clear content, keyboard navigation, multimedia captions, mobile considerations and user feedback is the basics of acessibility.


As you and your business grow your website should be easyly scalable to keep up with your increasing demanding needs.


  • Why we are different

    Fast service, CMS Backoffice (you own your data), delightful digital experiences, the latest tools, and technologies. Scalable servers with 99,9% uptime, security, and automatic backups, outstanding customer service, to name a few.

  • When can i Start

    We can start immediately if we have a free block in our calendar, otherwise, we must schedule the project.

  • What i have to pay

    Our main package with Domain, Logo, Hosting, and Website starts from 900€. We have individual services that we can provide different prices, just ask us.

  • I am a poor Man/Woman

    If you are short on money let’s see what we can do for you Check it out

How we Work

The single steps we take before making your product:

Know the business

To make a good product, we need to understand how the business work and what kind of clients you have.

Know the needs

It’s essential to understand your clients and discover what they want and need, their frustration and goals.

Make a draft

A draft is essential so we can align ideas that will be converted into the final product, working faster and focusing on the result.

We make sure that your product is:

Clear and concise

Good UI & UX


Fluid & Fast

SEO Optimized

Dynamic data

Has no errors

Up to date

It's really easy and simple to work with us.

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